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Artist’s Statement

“In my ‘Red Ball Portrait’ series I explore the universal experiences┬áthat all of us have in common in our everyday lives. Each specific identity is purposely obscured by substituting red balls. By doing this I multiply the personality possibilities and the┬átruth of the experience. This, I believe, allows each viewer to more adequately see their own individual journey within the story image portrayed.”

Self Portrait 1969


Tim Lemen was raised locally in Orange County. As a self-taught artist he began his career in watercolor. He then evolved his work and moved on to doing hand painted wall murals and oil paintings. His work has been displayed at Coda Art Gallery in Palm Desert, Ca.; Michael J Wolf Gallery in San Diego, Ca.; JoAnne Artman Gallery in Laguna Beach, Ca.; Fine Arts Gallery in Laguna Beach, Ca.; Spectrum Gallery in Tahoe,Ca.; City of Brea Art Gallery in Brea, Ca. and Mad st. Gallery in Riverside, Ca.

Since his move to Corona, Ca. he began his own business, Murals by Lemen, over fourteen years ago. His hand painted Trompe L’oeil murals have been sought after for private residences and businesses in Southern California.



Laguna College of Art & Design – Collector’s Choice 2010
230 Forest Ave. Restaurant – Laguna Beach, CA 2010
Laguna College of Art & Design – Collector’s Choice 2009
230 Forest Ave. Restaurant – Laguna Beach, CA 2009-2010
JoAnne Artman Gallery – Laguna Beach, CA 2009-2010
Art Angles Gallery – Orange, CA 1986
Spectrum Art Gallery – Tahoe, CA 1985
California Fine Arts Gallery – Laguna Beach, CA 1983

Professional Organizations

Riverside Community Arts Association 2009-2010


This site features portfolios of my hand painted wall murals, oil paintings, and acrylic paintings. If you would like to get in touch with me please visit the contact page link below:

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